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Sustainable thinking

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... means for US:

Sensible selection of raw materials: We deliberately resign raw materials such as NTA, EDTA or phosphates. These so called chelating agents (= substances preventing calcification of machines or dishes) are under strong suspicion to have negative effects on our health and the environment. Especially NTA has been in the focus recently: Products containing more than 5 % of NTA need to be labeled accordingly.

Smallest possible packaging: By means of highly concentrated products only a minimum amount of water is being transported. This combined with the shifting of many our transports to the rail, reduces CO2 contamination considerably. Furthermore the smallest possible packaging facilitates the refilling through easier handling and saves storage space.

Most exact dosing accuracy: We employ most modern computer-controlled dosing techniques to guarantee exact dosing without deviations – as much as necessary, as few as possible. This helps protecting the environment and saving costs.

In the future we want to offer our children the same opportunities we have!
That's sustainability – 0 % risk, 100 % effect!

We at HAGLEITNER achieved our goal – that is to offer all of our dosage-technique products comply with this concept. Therewith we are the first supplier worldwide to offer the whole product range free of NTA, EDTA an phosphates in this realm. Not only in the area of automated dish washing, but also in the area of laundry.