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About us

Light StepWe named our company Light Step.

Because we proud to invite you to join us to make easy step to cleanness, your Light Step.

Our company offers you innovative technologies and solutions in cleaning industry.

Our main partner - Hagleitner Company – The most famous European manufacturer of Friendly environmental cleaning products and equipment.

Together with Hagleitner we hope to keep Thailand clean saving unique nature and Beauty of this country.

It is no secret that nowadays in the world we can see economic recession process.

In this situation it is very important to properly run the business , to reduce expenses for different needs.

But sometimes only to save your money means to reduce the quality of consumed products and services.

And products such as Hagleitner allow you to reduce costs without reducing the quality of the usual services (cleaning, washing).

All cleansers of Hagleitner are high concentrated detergents, therefore you can use minimum quantity of required product and to get maximum result and high quality.


Benefits of Our Products

Highly concentrated

One convenient, handy 2,5 liter multi FILL cartridge offers up to 500 liters ready-to-use solution to clean more than 40.000 m². The concentrated integral system offers efficient cleaning and disinfection of surfaces, floors or glass.

  • Easy removal of dirt and contamination
  • For shiny and well-kept surfaces
  • No unpleasant odours
  • From descales up to dip cleaners

Austrian quality product

We are proud to have established Europe’s most modern chemical technical production facility of our industry, right here in Zell am See.

Green efficiency

HAGLEITNER made sure that all chemical dosing products in kitchen and laundry hygiene are NTA, EDTA and phosphate free . These raw materials have been substituted by safe, environmental friendly alternatives.